eLodgment Help and Support

Is there any online assistance?

Yes, eLodgment has a comprehensive help guide which covers all standard eLodgment processes.

Who do I contact if I require assistance with eLodgment?

If you require assistance with the technical operation of eLodgment, you can contact the ICMS Service Desk on (02) 6205 1318 between the hours of 09.00 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday, or alternatively you can email your concerns and/or queries at any time to CourtsICMSServiceDesk@courts.act.gov.au

If you have any concerns with eLodgment in general and/or the court's processes, you should contact the court registry directly on (02) 6205 0000.

How do I suggest improvement to eLodgment?

You can provide feedback to the ICMS Service Desk via the details outlined above and the ICMS Support Team will liaise directly with you.

Registered users may access eLodgment here