Before you go to court you may wish to check the Hearing dates and times of matters published above which show what matters will be heard in the Supreme Court and the Magistrates Court.

When you enter the foyer in the Courts building, you will see a large monitor showing all matters listed for that day in both the Magistrates and Supreme Courts together with the courtrooms in which those matters are being heard.

There are 11 Magistrate Courts which are located to the left of the foyer.

There are 8 Supreme Courts which are located to the right of the foyer.

The Childrens Court has a separate entrance located to the left of the entrance to the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court. Saturday court is heard in the Childrens Court.

Once you are sure which court your matter is in, you should go to that courtroom and tell the court clerk you are there. If you cannot see your name on the listing of matters, you should speak to a court officer at the enquiries counter on the ground level.

If you are at court for a Family or Personal Violence Conference after you go through the security screening you will need to collect a ticket and report to the enquiries counter where you will be directed to a place to wait until your matter is heard.