How to serve a Redirection Order

Redirection Order is served on the person, company, business or bank who owes the Enforcement Debtor money. In the case of a company or business it must be served at the registered office of the company or business. (The Enforcement Debtor should not be served with the employer’s copy.)

Service of the order should be on the employer/financial institution. A copy of the order must also be served on the Enforcement Debtor. This may be served by registered post or at the Enforcement Debtor’s place of residence or employment; or may be served personally. If served personally on the Enforcement Debtor, this also includes a person apparently over the age of 16 years who resides or works at the residence or business.

Proof of service is required. The affidavits of service attached to the orders must be completed by the person who serves the orders and must state the name of the person who served the orders and the dates on which they were served. The affidavits must be signed before a Justice of the Peace or a solicitor (otherwise it may render the whole process invalid) and returned to the Court.

Note: the order does not come into force until the end of 7 days after the day it is served on the employer/financial institution.

The orders can be served by you, a friend, or a process server. As mentioned above, whoever serves the document must complete the affidavit of service.

If you require any further information please contact the ACT Magistrates Court, Civil Section.