Access to Court Files

The Court Procedures Rules 2006 permit any person to search the registry for, inspect, or take a copy of, any document filed in the registry.  However, a person who is not a party to the proceeding to which the document relates cannot access specified classes of documents unless it appears to the registrar that the person has a sufficient interest in the document or the court gives the person leave.  Special rules apply limiting access to some court files.  If you are not a party you can apply for access to a court file by contacting the court Civil or Criminal registry or by contacting 62050000.

To make an appointment to view a file you may either attend at the court registry or contact the registry;

Your access to the court file will be subject to the supervision of a court officer.  Only legal practitioners may access court files without supervision.

File inspection fees

Fees for inspecting Magistrates Court files and obtaining copies of documents contained on them are listed on the Magistrates Court website (see civil and criminal fees). For Supreme Court inspection fees, see here.

Transcripts of proceedings

Copies of transcripts for matters heard in the Supreme and Magistrates Court are available by paying the relevant fees.  However, a person who is not a party to the proceeding will need to seek permission to access the transcript.   Special rules apply limiting access to transcripts for some court files.  Members of the public may also apply for a transcript - provided that the Registrar is satisfied as to the reason for the application.  Further details on how to order transcripts are provided on the 'Forms for ordering Court transcripts' page.

Access to ACT Courts and Tribunal operational data

Release of other (de-identified) data on the operation of the courts or ACAT is governed by a protocol requiring the approval of the head of the relevant jurisdiction (Chief Justice, Chief Magistrate or ACAT President). Data release requests should be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer through