Court Satisfaction Surveys 2022

The ACT Courts are seeking feedback from court users and legal practitioners through satisfaction surveys during April and May 2022. Survey responses are anonymous.

The feedback from the surveys will be used to assist the Courts to identify and prioritise improvements.

The surveys take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete and ask court users and legal practitioners to outline their experiences in areas such as customer service, facilities and court processes.

The Court Users Satisfaction Survey invites anyone who interacts with the ACT Courts to fill in the survey, excluding legal practitioners.  A separate Legal Practitioners Satisfaction Survey is available for legal practitioners.

The surveys are open until Friday 10 June 2022 and a summary of the survey’s highlights will be made available on our Court website in late 2022.

Surveys can be found by clicking on the following weblinks or via the QR codes below.

If you have difficulties accessing the survey, please email


(excluding legal practitioners)