Service Charter: Sheriff's Office

Commitment Statement : Sheriff's Office

Who We Are

The Sheriff’s office is attached to the Supreme Court and is  responsible for the service and execution of process, the enforcement of  civil judgments, the provision of juries, the provision of court  attendants for the various Courts and security within the courts.

Our Major Customers

Judicial officers, members of the legal profession, members of the  public and other agencies involved or associated with proceedings in the  Court.

Location and Office Hours

Ground Floor, ACT Courts, 6 Knowles Place, Canberra City.

Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 4.51 pm (except Saturday, Sunday and any day observed as a public holiday in the Territory).

We Are Here To

  • Maintain order and security in the Court and in the precincts of the Court;
  • assist you with enquiries relating to the operations of the Court;
  • serve summonses and execute writs;
  • facilitate tours of the courts, and
  • provide a Justice of the Peace for witnessing of documents.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will:

  • provide efficient and effective service within existing resources;
  • be impartial, courteous, polite and friendly;
  • wear identification badges and are easily identified by our uniform;
  • do our best to ensure that the welfare and rights of all persons using the Court are properly protected;
  • ensure that the structure of the building will not impede disabled persons from having access to court facilities;
  • provide a reliable counter service where procedural information can be obtained;
  • answer our telephone within five rings and any messages left on the answering machine will be attended to promptly;
  • attempt to visit the address for service to serve your summons;
  • attempt to serve notices to vacate;
  • attempt to execute all writs;
  • process your request to be excused or exempted from jury duty;
  • ensure that jurors are as comfortable as possible;
  • organise court tours at a mutually convenient time, and
  • provide an explanation if we do not meet a standard outlined above.

What We Cannot Do For You


  • are unable to provide legal advice;
  • are unable to prepare court documents for you;
  • are unable to provide advice on the content of documents;
  • cannot provide child-care facilities;
  • cannot provide conflict resolution services or mediation, and
  • with the exception of an arrest warrant being issued, we cannot provide transport to and from court.

Who To Contact For More Information

  • Service of summons and execution of process enquiries:
    • Sheriff's Officers (02) 6207 1785;
  • Jury enquiries:
    • Jury Officer (02) 6207 1252;
    • Jury information line on (02) 6207 1792.

Useful Agencies  If you require legal advice  you should contact a private solicitor. If you are unable to afford a  solicitor you should contact either the Law Society Legal Advice Bureau on (02) 6247 5700 or the Legal Aid ACT on (02) 6243 3471 or 1300 654 314.

The Legal Advice Bureau can provide a list of mediators and  arbitrators and has a large range of pamphlets dealing with various  legal topics.

The Conflict Resolution Service provides free, confidential and impartial mediation.

What To Do If You Have a Suggestion or Complaint

You may:

  • talk to the Manager of the Sheriff’s Office on (02) 6207 1139;
  • talk to the Senior Sheriff’s Officer on (02) 6207 1140;
  • talk to the Sheriff on (02) 6207 1209;
  • write to the Sheriff, GPO Box 1548, Canberra City, ACT 2601, or
  • put in a complaint by telephoning 1800 024 992 or faxing 1800 815 393.

Freedom of Information Requests

Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 1989 should be made in writing to:

The Sheriff, GPO Box 1548, Canberra City, ACT 2601.

How You Can Help Us

You should:

  • be punctual for your court appointments, and
  • respect the privacy of other persons in attendance.

Monitoring of our service standards is an ongoing process; therefore  your feedback on the services and the level of customer service we  provide is important to us.

Please telephone our Customer Service Officer on (02) 6207 1209 to  let us know if our service is satisfactory, or if our service standards  fail to meet our guarantee.