Probate, Administration and Foreign Grants

Probate Jurisdiction

The main work of the probate jurisdiction is the issue of grants of representation for the estate of deceased persons.

Upon application to the Registrar, supported by affidavits (prescribed in Part 3.1 of the Court Procedure Rules 2006), the Registrar has the statutory authority to grant probate or administration of an estate.

Grant of probate forms (forms 3.1 to 3.27) are available from the ACT Legislation Register.

A checklist for probate / administration / foreign grant applications has been prepared for legal practitioners and litigants in person who intend applying for a grant of probate. It comprises a list of the documents required and many of the most common reasons for rejection of documentation in probate applications. As the applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that all your paperwork is in order. Although the Court’s registry staff can check your forms for general compliance with rules relating to the filing of court documents, and may give you information about the Court’s procedures, they cannot give you legal advice and they are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of your documents.

Need assistance or legal advice regarding a Probate matter? The following organisations may be able to help.

All contentious probate matters are dealt with by a Judge or the Master.

For further information contact the Probate Officer on (02) 6205 0000