Legal Advice

Officers of the Court may not give legal advice.

Frequently people indicate that all they want is information or the answer to a question. The information or answer, however, often amounts to legal advice.

If you are told by court staff that a particular question cannot be answered and that you need legal advice, this can be had from a solicitor in private practice or from the Legal Aid Office of the Australian Capital Territory.

The Court recognizes the right of people to act for themselves. Acting for yourself means, however, that you take upon yourself the same responsibility as would a solicitor acting for you.

Court officers cannot prepare your documents for you or ensure that you do not do anything which is contrary to your own interests.

The counter officer's job is to check documents filed to ensure that they satisfy the rules as to their setting out.

Counter staff and other Court officers cannot advise you what you should do, the appropriateness of an application or what you ought to say in your documents. Those are matters on which you should seek advice from a solicitor.

Organisations that may be of assistance include:

Legal Aid ACT2 Allsop Street
Canberra City  ACT  2601
Ph: 1300 654 314

ACT Law Society Legal Advice BureauLevel 3, 11 London Circuit
Canberra City  ACT  2601
Ph: (02) 6247 5700
(By appointment only.)

C.A.R.E. Inc Financial Counselling Service and The Consumer Law Centre of the ACTShop 16, 1st Floor Waldorf Apartments
2 Akuna Street
Canberra City  ACT 2601 
Ph: (02) 6257 1788

Welfare Rights and Legal Centre
Havelock House
Cnr Northbourne Avenue and Gould Street
Turner  ACT  2612
Ph: (02) 6247 2177

Street Law
Havelock House
Gould Street
Turner  ACT  2616
Ph: 1800 787 529
Ph: (02) 6257 2931

Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited
7/9 Moore Street
Camberra  ACT  2601
Ph: (02) 6249 8488