Practice Directions


Fog at Canberra Airport (PD 1 of 1974)(PDF 61KB)

Robing in the Supreme Court (PD 2 of 2009)(PDF 161KB)

Court Technology (PD 3 of 2018) (PDF 884KB)


First criminal directions date following committal to the Supreme Court (PD 3 of 2014) (PDF 421 KB)

Criminal Case Conferences (PD 2 of 2018) (PDF 270KB)

Arrangements for witnesses and the taking of evidence under the Evidence (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1991 (PD 1 of 2009) (PDF 90KB)

Standard Sentence Directions (PD 4 of 2018) (PDF 146KB)

Requests for Forensic Mental Health Services reports (PD 1 of 2018) (PDF 162KB)

Criminal appeals from the Magistrates Court (PD 3 of 2012)(PDF 86.4KB)


Case management in proceedings commenced by originating claim (PD 2 of 2014) (PDF 1.14MB)

Court of Appeal

Applications and Appeals to the Court of Appeal (PD 1 of 2016) (PDF 755KB)