Electronic Settling of Draft Orders and Judgments

Settling Draft Orders and Judgments Electronically

The Supreme Court will now accept the filing of draft orders, judgments, consent orders and consent judgments for settling by the Registrar (see rules 1606 and 1611 from volume 1 of Court Procedures Rules 2006) by email to the Court to the following address: SC_Draft_Orders@act.gov.au This is an alternative procedure in addition to the traditional means of filing these documents in the Registry.

When your draft is received, it will be settled by using the tracking tool and highlighting any changes made. The document will be emailed back to you noting that it has been settled. You can then accept the highlighted changes (if there are any), run the document off, have it signed if applicable, and then file the settled version in hard copy in the Court in the usual way. Clearly, if the document requires no changes it will still be settled and emailed back to you as described above.