Court Etiquette

Most people may have no experience of what it actually feels like to attend court. You could be asked to attend court for a number of reasons. 

Personal conduct in court is important and there are some specific requests and requirements of you when attending court.


Make sure you dress in clean, neat attire with appropriate footwear.  Dress as if you are meeting someone important whose opinion of you matters.  Avoid wearing shorts, tracksuits, sunglasses or a hat in court.

Be Prepared

Ensure you bring all the relevant paperwork.

Be Punctual

Court hearings have specific scheduled start times.  It is important that you arrive at court no later than 15 minutes before the hearing time.  This should give you sufficient time to pass through the court’s security screening and find the courtroom where your matter is being heard.

Be Patient

Although your case may be listed for a specified time there may be incidences where there are delays. Please be patient.

You may need to consider if you have requested sufficient time off work or made appropriate childcare arrangements.

Bring a Friend

You are welcome to bring someone to court with you who may offer the following support:

*  Keep you company while you wait.
*  Drive you home (in cases of loss of a driver’s licence).

Finding Your Courtroom

You can find your courtroom by:

*  Going to the Supreme Court building and looking at the lists displayed next to the various courtroom doors, or  
*  Clicking on Daily Lists  

Once you have found out which court your matter is in you should proceed to that courtroom.  If you cannot see your name on the list, you should speak to a court officer at the public/registry counter. The counter is situated on the Ground Floor of the Magistrates Court building

In the Courtroom

Appropriate behaviour in the courtroom assists a smooth flow of proceedings. Avoid unnecessary talking or whispering and ensure that your mobile phone has been turned off. If you are asked to address the court, speak clearly or ask for assistance.

When addressing the Judge, please call him/her, “Your Honour”.

Smoking, eating or chewing gum is not permitted in the Court building.