Frequently Asked Questions

What is my court hearing date and time?

A link to ‘Hearing Dates and Times’ is available on our websites Simply click on the link and input details such as last name, date of birth or case number to find the relevant hearing dates and times.

When is my protection order conference or hearing date and time?

The Magistrate Court website has information about Protection Orders. Please telephone the protection unit on (02) 6205 4939 between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm to find out about your conference or hearing date or time.

I can’t make my court hearing date or time.

You need to immediately notify the Court by email or telephone during business hours, outlining the reasons you can’t attend a court hearing. Supporting documentation, for example medical or carers certificates, should be provided to the Court.  Your information will be provided to the Judicial Officer hearing your matter who will either adjourn your matter to a new date, or for criminal matters, may issue a warrant for your arrest.  You will need to follow up with the Court registry once the Judicial Officer has made a decision.

What do I need to bring or need to know for my hearing?

Information is available for Victims and persons charged with a criminal offence in the Magistrates Court referred to as Defendants. Information is also available about ‘coming to court’ on our websites.  The information explains you should bring all relevant documents, dress appropriately and address the Judicial Officer as ‘Your Honour’.

What are your opening hours and what do I need to know about security screening?

The Court Registry enquiry counter for both Courts is located in the ACT Magistrates Court and is open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. The Court Buildings open at 8:30 am and the Magistrate Court building closes at 4:30 pm and the ACT Supreme Court building closes at 5:00pm.  A factsheet regarding conditions of entry and security screening is available on our website.

I am overdue with my fine payment or can’t pay my fine on time.

Information about the payment of fines is available on this website. Please make direct contact with the Fines Unit on (02) 6205 4902 who will be able to explain your options.

Court Fees and Costs

Fees and Costs for court matters are revised each year and are available through our websites.

What do I need to do about my Jury Summons

Frequently asked questions regarding jury duty is available on the jury information webpage.

Where can I find a Justice of the Peace?

The Registry Counter at the ACT Courts only provides a Justice of the Peace service for Court related documents. Volunteer Justices of the Peace are available on the 1st floor of the Magistrates Court building between 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Where can I get legal advice?

Information about legal advice is available on our websites.

How do I apply for a restricted drivers licence?

Information about applying for a restricted drivers licence is available on our website.

NSW Enduring Power of Attorney Forms

The ACT Courts does not provide assistance to persons wishing to have a NSW Registrar sign a NSW Enduring Power of Attorney Form.  Please contact your nearest NSW local court.