Information about Twitter


If you follow us on Twitter (@ACTMagCourt ) you may see updates with news and information from the Court.  This includes notification of:

  • judgments and decisions;
  • changes to jurisdiction, rules, practice directions and fees;
  • practice notes;
  • speeches;
  • judicial appointments and other events;
  • news about facilities and technology; and
  • media releases.


The Magistrates Court follows organisations or individuals of relevance to it. The fact that we follow a Twitter account does not imply endorsement of any kind by the ACT Magistrates Court.


We welcome your feedback and read all direct messages and @replies. However we do not have the resources to reply individually to all messages we receive via Twitter.

Please note that the Court cannot enter into any discussion about a case before it, or about a judgment that has been published.

You should also be aware that the Court cannot offer legal advice or respond to individual questions about your personal circumstances or case. Sending messages to our Twitter feed will not be considered contacting the Court for any official purpose. If you need to contact the Court for an official purpose please visit our Contact us page.

Your Privacy

Remember, any posts you make on a social networking site, including Twitter, are publicly viewable and searchable. Your posts may remain online indefinitely and can be found through search engines.

We ask that you protect your personal privacy and the privacy of others by not posting personal information on the Court's Twitter page. You should be aware that penalties may apply to disclosing personal information in some circumstances, including information about a case which is covered by a suppression or non-publication order.

The ACT Magistrates Court respects your right to privacy. Postings are regularly reviewed during business hours. Posts that contain personal information may be removed.

Inappropriate Material

The ACT Magistrates Court is committed to protecting your rights and safety. We welcome debate but will delete all posts that are abusive, threatening, or appear defamatory, discriminatory, hateful towards any group, or that are in any way unlawful.

Please note that we may block users who post material of this nature.

You should also be aware that Twitter is an external site and that when using it you are bound by the terms and conditions of use of that site.