Selected Findings

The role of the ACT Coroner is to ensure that certain deaths - such as those caused by drownings, by an accident, in custody as well as under other circumstances - are properly investigated, as required under sections 12 and 13 of the Coroners Act 1997.

To locate a Coroner's Court Finding go to the Decisions database. 

Search tips: In addition to searching by name and Coroner, it is also possible to search using both file number and citation.  CD 125 of 2007 is an example of a file number. If you have a file number then place this in the File Number field.  A citation, such as [2014] ACTCD 2, is to be entered in the Citation search field. 

If you wish to retrieve Findings made by a specific Coroner, typing in either 'Walker Coroner' or 'Coroner Walker' in the Magistrate search field will display all Findings made by that Coroner.