Library User Fee

Russell Fox Library Access – Information for ACT Legal Practitioners

If you access the materials of Russell Fox Library to assist you in your work you will need to pay a fee for access. The Courts are no longer able to support free access of the Russell Fox Library by the ACT legal profession.

Paid Access to the Russell Fox Library from July 2007

Access to the services of the Russell Fox Library will only be available to ACT legal practitioners (barristers and solicitors) who have paid a library fee, collected in conjunction with the renewal of their practicing certificates.

ACT Law Society members can pay the fee to the Law Society which will then forward the payments to the library.

Why Is This Fee Being Collected?

The ACT legal profession makes significant use of the Russell Fox Library in the absence of an ACT Law Society library. Access to the library has, until now, been free of charge. The only money collected by the library has been payment for photocopying, and this money is not retained or used by the library to maintain the collection.

The provision of law library services in ACT is quite different to that in other Australian States. In most States the relevant law society provides a library for its members use and the legal profession in every State contributes to the funding of the Supreme Court library by a grant or levy, or alternatively an access fee paid directly to the library.

The current library budget provides for materials needed by the judiciary and court staff, but is no longer able to support resources that, until now, have been maintained for the use of the local legal profession.

The Law Society has agreed to collect a fee from members on behalf of the ACT Courts and Tribunals.

Regular users of the Russell Fox Library will have noticed that a large amount of material has been cancelled. We are hoping that we can reverse some of these cancellations, and develop the collection as funds permit.

The Fee

The fee for access to the Russell Fox Library for 2017/18 is $130.00.

This is an individual charge and practitioners will not be permitted to use the library services because someone else in their chambers or law firm has paid the fee.

ACT government, ACT Legal Aid Office and Aboriginal Legal Service staff are exempt from paying the fee.

How Do I Pay This Fee?

You can pay the Law Society directly, or you may pay at the Russell Fox Library with cash or cheque.

Russell Fox Library user fee form 2017/18

What The Funds Will Be Used For?

Money levied will be used for purchasing those subscriptions that are used by the legal profession. No funding will be used for materials required by judicial officers or Courts’ staff, nor will any of the funds be used for employee related costs. The Russell Fox Library staff will continue to provide full access to the collection to practitioners who have paid the library fee. This will include directional assistance to locate materials, the loan of legislation and law reports for use in court and copying facilities for all library materials.

Further Information

If you would like further information on this fee, or to discuss the background to it please telephone the Library Manager on (02) 6207 71805 or email