How to register an order from another State, Territory or New Zealand in the ACT

If you need urgent assistance or your safety is at immediate risk call the Police on 000

If you require information about available domestic violence services or emergency accommodation please call the Domestic Violence Crisis Service: at or on their 24hrs crisis line 02 6280 0900

Can I register an order in another jurisdiction (State, Territory or New Zealand)?

Currently Orders granted in a State, Territory or New Zealand are not enforceable in another State, Territory or New Zealand unless you have them registered through the local Court in that State, Territory or New Zealand.

If you would like your ACT order recognised in NSW or another State, Territory or New Zealand you need to contact the local court in that State, Territory or New Zealand to find out how to register your order.

How do I apply to register a recognised order form another jurisdiction in ACT?

To apply, to register and order which addresses family, personal or workplace violence:

  1. Complete the form below; and
  2. Attach a certified copy of the original order;
  3. Provide proof of service; and
  4. Lodge the documents at the ACT Magistrates Court Counter or via mail.

Note:  For registration of an order addressing personal violence in the workplace, your application must identify the employer as a legal entity and attach evidence of your authority to apply on the employer’s behalf.

Application for registration of a recognised order

Contact the Protection Unit